Set your table like a king with our recently preowned and new feast gear.

Our band of Gypsies scour the countryside looking for the best of the feast gear held by royality and aristocrats alike.  After they "gently" aquire the goods using the most triditional Gypsy methods, they bring them home for your enjoyment. 

Including a huge selection of natural Horn and hand hammered steel utenciles!
The aristocrats of the Far East have graciously agreed to allow their artists to adorn our drinking horns and we have agreed to not send our raiders to their lands.

The end result is that we have this huge selection of horns for you to choose from.  We have them as small as 250ml to as large as 5.00 liter! (that's almost 1 and a half gallons for those of you still using the kings system.)

We also have stands and belt holders to fit almost any horn.

All of our jewelry has been acquired 1 of 2 ways.

First, our crafters slave away to bring you the finest in hand made pieces of art to accent your finest ensemble.

They make:
Chain Maille necklaces, bracelets and headdresses
Copper and wood hair sticks
Vail Pins
Traditional Norse wirebraid items 
And last but not least, from one of the raids to Rome our band found an interesting piece that they called a "fibula". 
Our artists took a special liking to them and have been creating them with their own personal variations.

Second, sometimes in the quest for feast gear, our Norse Raiders come across jewelry too fine to leave behind.  So we are proud to add those works to our own. 
Some are made by the kings slaves sweating away in some deep dark dungeon and some are hand made by other artists.  But all are worthy of a place on our

We have a large selection of jewelry hand crafted by Ha'kon Thorgeirsson.  Our chain maille necklaces, bracelets and earrings are carefully crafted to be the highest
quality available.  We even have Thor's hammers made from a unique chain maille design.
Pennanular broaches, hand hammered and chiseled to bring you a unique piece based on ancient designs found all over Europe.
Fibulas inspired by the artifacts found in Rome crafted with jewels, gems and stones of every kind.  From glass beads to Tiger’s Eye gemstone.
And Lots, LOTS more!!!
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